We recognize the necessity of strong reporting capabilities in the analysis of financial data. Our system is capable of reporting on virtually any data element, and every field that is integral to an account (such as date of birth, payment amount, and partial versus full payments) can be accessed for meticulous analysis.

Given the increasingly complex reporting requirements of various state and federal intermediaries and agencies, our fastidious reporting abilities are a necessity. By downloading information from the Client’s system and our database to our personal computers, we maintain the ability to support reporting changes quickly and efficiently.

We currently maintain an extensive library of standard reports to meet any Client’s needs. Assuring that reporting parameters are well defined, we will discuss with the Client its informational requirements in detail, before the first report is produced. Unlimited ad hoc reporting is provided by the report writer in the unlikely event that a requirement is not met by our standard reports.

RTR will remit all monies collected on a monthly basis, and will provide a remittance report that identifies each payment by patient, account number, date of service, and the source of the payment. In addition, a monthly status report and discontinuance report will be provided. We ask that all payments received directly by the Client be reported back to us on a monthly basis.