Litigation Against Payers

RTR uses the law firm of William A. Hecht, P.C. (“the Firm”) to handle collection accounts that require litigation. The Firm has been representing healthcare providers, including RTR clients, since 2002.

Backed by over a quarter-century of specialized experience in representing healthcare providers in consumer and insurance collections, the Firm remains uniquely proficient in engaging payers, including self-insured funds, in litigation.

Litigation against payers would be considered in the following scenarios (1) failing to pay in accordance with their hospital or third party (e.g. MultiPlan) contract; (2) recouping payment or subsequently or denying a claim for no coverage after authorizing an admission; (3) failing to provide coverage as mandated by law; (4) failing to pay benefits in accordance with the insurance policy or benefit plan description; and (5) refusing to pay a valid claim.

Client authorization is obtained before commencing litigation.