Liability Collections Program

RTR’s Liability Collections Program is for those accounts that the patient has advised the hospital that the admission was the result of an accident (e.g. automobile, on the job, slip and fall), but has not provided the necessary information for the account to be billed.

Under this program, RTR will send a letter to the patient seeking the carrier’s information, claim information, and contact information for the patient’s attorney. Upon receipt of this information, RTR’s account specialists will determine the best path for obtaining payment. Note that the billing is reviewed to confirm the correct reimbursement amount has been billed.

Should a carrier require additional information, RTR’s account specialists will attempt to contact the patient, the insured, the patient’s attorney and/or the Client to ensure expeditious re-billing. RTR will follow-up the re-billing. If the claim is underpaid, RTR will appeal the underpayment with the carrier.

If the claim is denied, RTR will obtain a copy of the denial and provide a copy to the facility, so any secondary payer can be billed or the self-pay data mailer process can be commenced by the hospital.

RTR will advise the facility if the patient refuses to cooperate, so it can commence its self-pay data mailer process.